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Hey-o folks!

I’ve had a great, long break from writing, thinking about awesome cars and other such frivolous musings. But what, might you ask, have I been keeping busy with? Finding a new work position.

Ah yes, everyone’s least favourite thing is finding a new job. But ever since starting work in a full-time position, I’ve realized that what you do for 40+ hours per week can really affect happiness levels. I feel like I’ve rediscovered the wheel.

I’ll start off describing what my situation was like previously, what stopped me from taking action earlier and how I eventually got out of my mental block and pursued a greater sense of happiness.

I had been working at a position for a little over a year and a half. The position was one with a very stable, conservative company that had grown to the size of a large corporation (approximately 1000 employees, multiple international offices). The pay was average for the city I live in, or even perhaps on the lower end, but the benefits were great. My daily tasks included little stress and were quite routine with little change day-to-day. Some of my co-workers thrived in this environment, however, I felt trapped within the first six months of beginning the position. What kept me going was the possibility of an internal transfer to a different department or team where I could take on projects that provided more business value to the company.

After a year a position, which I had great interest in arose. It was in a team that was very results-driven and had an excellent standing within the company. Having the opportunity to work with this team would create the lift I needed to take me to the next level of responsibility. I knew the position appealed to a coworker in my current team but I dismissed the thought that she would be able to apply since it was company policy that an employee must reside within the company for a least a year in order to be eligible for an internal transfer. I had an interview that I thought went well, then waited.

A month later I was pulled into a quick meeting to be told that I didn’t get the position – someone else with more experience had gotten the job. I though “that seems fair!” and was ready to go back to my desk resigned to apply for another position. But then there was more: the person that had gotten the job was the woman from my team, who by company policy was not eligible for the position. I felt totally betrayed. Why? She was my friend, inside and outside of work. She had recently moved to the city without any friends or acquaintances so I invited her to things with my friends, parties and such that I usually try to keep totally separate from my work life. Earlier in the day she was told that she was nominated for the position but hadn’t told me citing that it was a manager’s request to do so. Friends? Not anymore because friends tell each other sh**.

My “friends” was the personal transgression that made me loose trust in her. Now, what were the company’s transgressions that made me loose trust in them? Firstly, I was lead on by the manager who I was hired by and worked for under a year that I will have the opportunity and priority to engage in more interesting work if I stuck around for a year. Secondly, somehow internal politics made it that “company policy” was overridden and my “friend” who had slightly more experience (6 months to be exact) in that particular field was chosen for a position.

The saga continued to unfold within as I began looking for opportunities outside of the company. The woman who had received the position was supposed to begin full-time in that role within a few months. The expected date came and went with her not being placed and a little, cruel voice inside me laughing slowly. By the end of the month it became clear that the position that was supposed to be under a different manager with a team that had excellent reputation for results, had come under the control of our current manager. Therefore, the woman eventually came under the new title but continued to have to do one day’s worth of work of the old, boring and routine things that I also disliked and was trying to get away from. The cruel voice inside me just kept laughing.

Now that I had lost trust in my coworker and company, would have helped to alleviate and/or repair the relationships? What I gathered is that the entire situation had arisen from higher powers at play: likely the want of my manager to take on more responsibility by taking some away from the other manager, her liking my coworker more than me to suggest her promotion rather than mine, despite company policy and/or my own abilities and others I may not be aware of. I would have appreciated a recognition from my manager of my abilities and more aide on her behalf to create a satisfying work situation for me at this company. I brought this up in a meeting after being told that I didn’t receive the position and her suggestion to me was to talk to more people within the company and “make myself useful” by suggesting I take on tasks from other teams. After speaking to my team lead, I decided that it’s not a viable solution to take on work that is not part of my responsibilities since I have little transparency into the work of other teams/departments.

Where did that leave me? In a place where I didn’t feel needed or wanted. I expanded my efforts into finding a position that will include extensive transparency, trust and honesty. One that will value curiosity, continuous learning and a desire to keep on learning and contributing in a positive business sense.

Eventually, I succeeded in finding that position and I begin soon!

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Who is one of the most infamous men who have been behind the wheel of an Aston Martin? Mr James Bond. No surprise that this is one of my favourite movie franchises of all time. Let me tell you why it is so great…

Way back in 1953, Ian Fleming created the beloved secret service agent. Fleming wrote twelve novels about the spy if I remember correctly. I have only read five of them to date; still working on the rest. Since then so many authors have taken this character and made him the star of their own stories. Non of which are as great as the original works of Ian Fleming, in my opinion.

In 1962, Sean Connery starred as the first Mr James Bond in the movie Dr. No. Boy, isn’t he just an amazing actor. He really did fit the character. There have been twenty-four James Bond movies starring six different actors: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Even though Connery was the first to bring the spectacular Mr Bond to life, Daniel Craig is my favourite Bonds of them all. His performance in Casino Royale blew me away!

Even though Bond is known to whip around in an Aston Martin today, that wasn’t his first car. In Fleming’s first novels, the secret service agent drove a Bentley! Can you just imagine that? I surely cannot.

Cars weren’t James Bond’s only toys. He was a man of many guns too. First he had a Beretta 418. Then he traded it in for a Walther PPK, which he still uses today. Along with guns, Bond always had numerous spy gadgets and briefcases with him. Briefcases are the depiction of class and sophistication if you ask me. Maybe its why women have been falling for a fictional character since the fifties! Speaking of women, James Bond has always had a beautiful woman on his arm. My favorite Bond Girl has to be Halle Berry. What a dime!

I’ll be back soon with more about Aston Martins around time. Until then, what do you guys think about James Bond? Please Comment!!

Peace out gear-heads!

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The Almighty DB11

In March of this year the geniuses at Aston Martin debut their new masterpiece at the Geneva Motor Show, the DB11. It is the level-up to the already perfect DB9. Just imagine my excitement when I heard the news!

hoto credits:

The aluminum body is bigger and badder; bigger front grill and larger head lights. The shape is supposed to mimic a horned devil head, the mark of an ultimate bada$$! The rear of the car is wider than the DB9. The taillights are split by the spoiler. Even though the DB11’s body is larger than the previous beast, it is lighter. Not to worry, it’s only 33lbs lighters. Aston Martin are making their fine automobiles more customizable than ever. Drivers can make modification to their car both inside and out! From the 35 colours options, to the customizable vents, wipers, alloy wheels, and even the brake calipers.

Now let’s talk about what makes Aston Martin legendary, the engine.
The car is powered by a V12 engine. It has 5.2-litre unit and two turbochargers, making it relatively fuel efficient for its power. It was muster 600bhp and 516lb-ft of torque, nothing to laugh at! The car’s rpm is 6500 at “peak power”. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in under 4 seconds, its top speed is 200mph. Certainly an upgrade from the DB9’s top speed of 267kph (166mph). It will get the blood of any speed junkie, like myself, racing. The engine is paired with an 8 speed gear shift. The DB11 has three driving modes: GT, Sport, and Sport +-, making it the car for any terrain and occasion.

This craftsmanship does come at a price. This car comes in at $224,500 CAD. But to the few with that kind of pocket change, it is worth every penny! Aston Martin has created the DB11 to be fit for any hero or villain.

Like always, shoot me a question or tell me what you think of this new edition to the luxury car family.

Peace gear-heads!

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Another personal development post today!

So the other day I was chatting with my buddy Nate who is part biker, part personal development enthusiast, and part entrepreneur. He has recently started a landscaping company in Vancouver. We were talking about the growth of his business over the last year and some of the things he has implemented to be able to stay CONSISTENT, grow his clientele and stay motivated as an entrepreneur. The three things he explained to me have stuck with me and therefore inspired this blog post as I sometimes struggle with consistency.

  1. BE MORE AWARE. Self-awareness is crucial when starting a business, or pursuing goals. If you are aware of the choices, actions and decisions you are constantly making, then you can correct those behaviours when they do not benefit you or your goals. Nate further explained that by being consciously aware of the decisions you are making, you can track and therefore eliminate bad habits, or emphasize and repeat positive habits. Awareness is step one and key to any long term success.
  2. BE MORE CONSISTENT. Consistency is the bread and butter of your business and long-term success. If you don’t maintain a level of consistency in your actions, it is nearly impossible to obtain long-term growth. Not only is this crucial to your business goals, but the same principle could be applied to any personal goals, e.g. weight loss, body-building, sales skills, musical instruments etc. Consistency allows you to maintain constant and exponential growth and can cripple your success if not present in your day-to-day life.
  3. BE MORE RELENTLESS. Being relentless is defined as being unwavering, or pursuing something with giving in. In life, you must be unwavering in pursuing the things that inspire you and the things that you want. In business, you must be prepared to pursue your goals relentlessly. Tirelessly, day and night until you achieve the success that you desire.

When Nate first shared these three principles with me, I knew he was on to something. I certainly struggle with consistency and taking the actions that push me forward rather pulling me back. I will be actively focusing on these three steps every single day and am excited to see the results.

Thanks for reading this weeks personal development post. If you have any input on future posts, please give me a shout.

Until next time!

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Jeep Wrangler

Will be coming out with more personal development posts soon, until then I wanted to write about the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited version (You can tell how badass it is by how many words are in the name).

My roommate John actually just purchased one of these and it is a BEAST! SO, I thought I would do a little history/review on his specific 4-door model.

John's Jeep Wrangler

Not bad eh?

Despite the common misconception, Jeeps as we know them today were are NOT the big brother to the classic World War Two army jeeps. The Wrangler Generation one was first launched in 1986 but the third generation Wranglers like we know them today was not in existence until 2007.

There are Two types of Wranglers currently available today.

1- Shorter wheelbase 2-door available in X, Sahara and Rubicon trim levels

2- Longer wheelbase UNLIMITED 4-door, also available in X, Sahara and Rubicon trim levels.

John went for the Sahara UNLIMITED option with the 3.8L Pentastar 5 -speed automatic transmission and I tell you not only does the thing PULL, but Jeep’s automatic transmission is VERY smooth. At a cool 202 horsepower, the Jeep does not leave much to be desired, even at a weight of 3760-4340lbs depending on trim level.

All of the jeeps are equipped with Jeep’s signature and intuitive four-wheel-drive option. These are some of the most widely renowned off-road worth vehicles.

My favourite part about all of Jeep’s designs is the easy to access, removable roof, doors, windshield and T-Top design. We live in a moderate climate that can get pretty hot in the summer and the ability to roll around with the wind blowing in your hair is exactly what Jeep provides. The Sahara that John purchased from Alberni Chrysler on Vancouver Island came with an aftermarket Bose sound, and a water-proof pioneer sub that is actually built into the floor behind the back seats.

While the Sahara is designed to be the “Luxury,” version of the Wrangler as opposed to the more off-road ready Rubicon, we have taken a couple of rides into the bush and the thing performs quite well, even on the stock 16″ alloys.

All in all, the Jeep Wrangler is quite an impressive vehicle and provides street-ready luxury with the rugged off-road worthy oomph that gives Jeep their reputation.

I was very impressed and am actually considering purchasing a jeep as my second vehicle.

Thanks for reading today’s car review. Come back soon for more personal development and automobile reviews!

Until next time!

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Hey hey hey!

Off topic blog post today…buuut thats okay. I have been really getting into personal development lately and was inspired by a conversation with one of my mentors Bob who owns a wedding DJ business in Phoenix, AZ and Kelowna, BC (I know, random right). We talked for quite some time about three simple steps that he has implemented into his life and his business to achieve some pretty incredible success…

He said the three steps can be remembered by three simple letters…K, S and E. These steps must be followed in order to truly work but when implemented, can transform ones life in many ways. K is for knowledge, S is for strategy, and E is for execution. From what I understand, these three things are the foundational pillars to not just a successful business, but a successful life.

For example, we KNOW that you must eat healthily and exercise in order to lose weight and build muscle. BUT, if you don’t come up with a STRATEGY to maintain your diet and exercise schedule and actually EXECUTE that strategy, the knowledge itself is useless. On the other hand, if you didn’t have the proper dietary and exercise KNOWLEDGE/STRATEGY, it would be very difficult to stay consistent, safe and actually achieve your health/fitness goals. Therefore, execution without knowledge and a proper strategy is utterly useless. Truth right?

Now I know what you must be thinking, simple right? Duhh, of course you need those three things. Think about it, what area in your life post graduation have you actually implemented these three steps to achieve your life goals. I mean it makes sense, but look around you. How many people do you know that read, plan and set goals for their future, but never EXECUTE that strategy. Really think about it… I know I myself am guilty of this.

Moving forward. The next time you have a goal you really want to accomplish, whether it is a health and fitness goal, career goal, business goal, etc, I want you to think back to this post and my friend Bob. Remember K…S….E!

If you actually implement these three defined steps into your day to day actions, how much more effective would you be at the gym, at work, with your family and friends. SERIOUSLY!

This kind of stuff gets me fired up. If you think I should write about more personal development, shoot me an email with some topics you would like to see me cover. I will get back to more car posts in the near future.

Until then,

Stay classy friends!

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The DB9

This blog was inspired by my love for Aston Martin, most notably the DB9. Never has an automaker produced such an elegant monstrosity. Yes… monstrosity…. A top speed of 295km/hour deserves such a moniker.  But I digress, given my inspiration for the blog, I find it only fitting that my inaugural post be dedicated to the DB9 itself.

Beautiful and expensive European convertible sports car isolated on a white background. Realistic shadow under car.

Where to start…The DB9 is definitely a “hell of a machine,” the likes of which could never be summed up in a 1 page blog post, but I’ll do my best. The DB9, debuted at 2003 at the Frankfurt auto show, is actually the successor to the DB7. It boasts a 6 litre, V12 engine, that was actually used in the V12 Aston Martin Vanquish. The DB9 was designed by Ian Callum and Henrik Fisker (yes Fisker as in Fisker Automotive, the tailor-made California luxury super-car maker…try saying that 10 times fast…)

A typical DB9 comes decked out with all of the most lavish bells and whistles. Full navigation, wood and leather interior, 2 seats in the front and 2 in the rear, although a 2 seater option is available, which features carbon fibre/kevlar front seats! (I’m literally drooling right now…)

I suppose its worth noting the DB9 comes in a convertible option, known as the “Volante,” (sounds like a marvel super hero.) This version is actually limited to a top speed of 267km/h in order to protect the strength of the roof. Only 267km/h? Thats no fun…!

The DB9 can actually come in three special editions, DB9 Carbon Black, Morning Frost, and Quantum Silver. BAD A$$! The only difference to be noted in the special editions is exterior and interior colour/trim.

SO, in conclusion, the DB9 in all shapes, colours and sizes is but one thing, a perfect monstrosity. Half beauty, half beast, and all european luxury supercar. The DB9 has been so highly regarded in fact that it had a special place on Top Gear’s, “Cool Wall.” That is until Jeremy Clarkson went ape-shit on one of the producers…good job Jeremy. Anyways, until next time cool-cats and gear heads. Peace!

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Sup Thugs

Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you are ready for the utmost luxurious blog-reading experience. Luxurious like a DB9, #awesome. Check it. Get your ass back here for more content. ASAP!

Also, if y’all need anything, hit me up.

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